Ancestral Bloodlines

In Episode 02 Jarmbi explores how we understand our ancestral bloodlines and DNA codes to connect back to place.

Colonisation is not the end of the story. What we see now is that all the bloodlines are here____ so we can allow the story to play out the way it has been or we can take control of the story. We’re not able to change the past but we can own the future and there’s wisdom in this for all of us. 

Our lands have been cared for by our traditional custodians for 80,000+ years. We move together away from the continuing genocide and colonisation of our peoples. Our sovereignty was never ceded. Sovereignty is responsibility, you can't have one without the other. It is about coming back to Mother. We’ll get the wisdom out of this and we’ll sing the songs, embody the dances and create the stories that go about this time, from colonisation to now. We endow deep respect to the bloodlines of this country.


Executive Producer: Jaja Dare // Decolonise

Edit & Mix: Josh Coom // INSTA @jcsh 

Sound Engineer: Melissa Hunt.

Music: OKA: Wet Season, Kulcha, Sunpad.

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Recorded and produced on Bundjalung First Nations Sacred Lands in collab with Koori Mail.

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About Decolonise // spearheaded by Wiradjuri woman and creative powerhouse with an aptitude for innovation, Jaja is ablaze with the exploration of how we move forward in the continuing invasion. Working with mob across our countries to decolonise, addressing the systemic racism that continues to perpetuate trauma for our peoples and lands. Truth telling is an epic part of decolonising. The system is cracking and it is up to all of us to listen deeply. It is time to evolve into what is not only possible, but necessary. For more info check or follow on INSTA

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In Episode 02 Jarmbi explores how we understand our ancestral bloodlines and DNA codes to connect back to place.



Grounded and Connected Empowerment, a podcast about embodying our innate wisdom. Connecting with Country through the guidance of Jarmbi, an Originie custodian of the northern rivers region, from the Githabul Ngarakwal people. Committed to activating the deep spring within all of us, Jarmbi carries the work of culturally informed trauma-integrated healing around the world with Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers.